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GMS Attendance Letter

Attendance Letter


Erle Stanley Gardner Middle School
45125 Via Del Coronado
Temecula, CA 92592
Kristin Larson, Principal
Dear Parent/Guardian:
The Governing Board, of the Temecula Valley USD, believes that regular attendance plays a key role in the success a student achieves in school. Attendance accounting for a maximum number of absences for students in grades six through twelve shall be based upon period attendance. The sole purpose of this requirement is to emphasize the importance of school attendance.
The maximum number of allowable absences in any one semester is twelve (12) days per period unless a waiver is granted. A waiver is granted in the instances of reasonable accommodation of a disability documented by medical evidence or for rare or extreme circumstances as determined by the principal. All waivers must be submitted and approved prior to the end of the semester that the absence occurred. Attendance is recorded on a period by period basis; therefore each class is considered on an individual basis. Any student who is absent more than twelve times in any one period, may have his/her grade lowered and ultimately may lose grade/credit in that course. An alternative for such students may be enrollment in summer school, adult or continuation education.
A student who has an injury or a serious illness that requires an absence of seven (7) days or more may be dropped from the regular attendance rolls and be placed on home or hospital teaching. Such a student shall not have those days counted in the cumulative total of absences.
Other absences that DO NOT count towards the maximum allowable are:
a)      authorized school activities; and
b)      school business (counseling, testing).
Absences that CAN be waived include:
a)      illness with a doctor’s note
b)      appearance in court when documentation is presented
c)      attendance at an employment conference
d)      carrying out responsibilities as a custodial parent with documentation
e)      medical and dental appointments with a doctor’s note
The following notification schedule will keep parents informed about their child’s attendance and the consequences of excessive absences:
1.      Three (3) days of absence per period: Letter to parent requesting a parent-school contact.
2.      Six (6) days of absence per period: Letter to parent pointing out the approaching limit and consequences.
3.      Twelve (12) days of absences per period: Letter to parent indicating the student is about to reach the limit.
4.      Twelve (12) days of absence per period: Final warning.
5.      Thirteen (13) days of absence per period: Student’s grade may be lowered one full grade point. (i.e. C to D)
6.      Fifteen (15) days of absence per period: Student’s grade may be lowered another grade point.
Tardies are also an area of concern when discussing regular attendance. If a student receives 3 or more unexcused tardies (excess of 30 minutes or more during the school year) they will be considered truant and letters and/or a referral will be sent to the Student Attendance Review Board.